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Microfiber sponge

Love using the microfiber sponge as it gives a nice application when applying foundation. Defo reccommmend using these sponges

Love this babe!

I love this blender! One of the most amazing blender ever!


Loved it

Really nice!

@sunday.ivy 💖💖💖 just got my little package!😊 Such nice presentation and attention to detail! I loved the hand written address tag and the sweeties inside! Feels very personal!
The sponge is very soft and was perfect with thicker foundations. It’s even better with powders and for baking. However it’s not very easy to wash... I want to try the blue and the purple now!
I’m definitely ordering more!

Qualità 🔝

La stesura del fondotinta è molto omogenea e si lava facilmente e non irrita . La consiglio vivamente .

Prefer over any other beauty blender/beauty sponge I’ve used!

I have used the OG beautyblender for years now but I have been wanting to try other cheaper alternatives because I was fed up of spending £18 every time I needed a new sponge. I heard about the Juno and co sponge but was unable to get it in the UK without having to pay a ridiculous amount for shipping which is when I found out about Sunday ivy’s fuzzy sponge and I absolutely LOVE it! I was worried that because of the material it would leave weird marks from the fuzzies but it doesn’t at all! I like to apply my foundation all over and get a nice even layer then really press in the base and then lightly bounce it all over the face again and the finish that this sponge gives is amazing! So much better than the beautyblender as with the original beautyblender you lose some of the coverage of the foundation due to it soaking up a lot of the product but this sponge doesn’t do this! You get full, even coverage with minimal time and effort which is perfect for busy mornings! Would highly recommend this sponge I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner!

The best sponge in the WORLD!

I've used this sponge for nearly half a year now and I can't live without it! I'm never going back to any other sponges! ❤️

Fave sponges

My favourite sponges ever! Great value for money!


Exactly what was described. Can’t get enough of this fuzzy beauty blender; it’s my favourite one on the market by far. Absolutely love it!

Must have sponge

So impressed with this sponge, think I even prefer it to the blue one. Gives such an even flawless coverage with all my liquid foundations and applies powder smoothly.
Delivery was prompt, packaging was cute with a lollipop to go with it! Will be ordering more!

Love it

Best blender ever. It’s like combining a brush and a blender in one and it’s flawless!

Blends really well

When blending out concealer it just makes it look so seamless and flawless! It is a little bit drying but I mist it with a bit of setting spray and it still works really well


I love this one! Such a lovely texture and nice and soft too which I like in a sponge. Doesn't absorb much if any product so it's really easy and quick to clean. Blends really well and is my new favourite sponge!

Very good!

I do really like this. Nice and soft which I like in a sponge! It's so easy to wash, doesn't absorb much if any product so the sponge washes really quickly and easily. It doesn't grow as much as the blue one, and it almost seems like the outside is too big for the inside, so when squeezed it wrinkles and can leave wrinkle marks on the face but they're easy enough to blend out and fix so it's not really a problem.
I'd recommend 😊

Fantastic blender!

The blender is easy to use and allows me to spread product more evenly over my face than any other sponge. The fact that it doesn’t absorb much, if not any product means that I get the most coverage out of any foundation or concealer. Excellent addition to my make up bag and will purchase again!

It is amazing!!!

It works amazingly and I love it all my friends are buying them after being green with envy at mine

I have ordered both the blue and pink sponges. I loved them both. Personally i think the blue one is better because it give better coverage. The pink one is still good and doesn’t absorb as much product as the real techniques sponges

Fuzzy blenders

Fantastic blends really well. I definitely buy more.

The Big Fuzz Microfiber Blender

Love love love. So much better than any beauty blender I have ever used. Doesn’t absorb loads of foundation. Would 100% recommend.

Good product

A good product! I have not used the non-velvet, so I am not sure how they differ. But the shape is good!


Honestly these blenders have completely replaced all of my others the key to a flawless makeup application 😍😍 obsessed

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